Install the estela CLI


estela CLI is the command-line client to interact with estela API. Allows the user to perform the following actions:

  • Link a Scrapy project with a project in estela.
  • Create projects, jobs, and cronjobs in estela.
  • Get the data of a job.

This guide provides instructions on how to install the estela CLI.


To install and use the estela CLI on Linux, Mac, or Windows, you must have: - Python (v3.6 or higher)

Install the estela CLI

estela CLI is available on PyPI:

$ python -m pip install estela

Or, you can install estela CLI manually:

  1. Clone the estela CLI repository:
$ git clone
  1. Enter the root directory of the repository where is located and run:
$ python install
  1. To confirm the CLI was installed properly, run the following CLI command:
$ estela --version

If the installation was successful, you should see the following output:

$ estela --version
estela, version 0.2.7

Next Steps

Now that you've installed the estela CLI, you're ready to create a estela project and start developing locally. For instructions, read the quickstart guide.