estela CLI Configuration

The estela CLI is configured via two YAML files: - ~/.estela.yaml: This file contains global configuration like your API key and the current active project in your context. - estela.yaml: This file contains local configuration like the project ID or the Python version to use when building the Docker image of your project. This file is automatically created in your project directory when you run estela init <project_id>.

Configuration options

The following is a list of the currently available configuration options:

Option Description Location
python Python version to use to build the Scrapy project's image. estela.yaml
requirements Path to the projects' requirements file. estela.yaml
ignore List of comma-separated paths of files and directories to ignore when deploying your project's image. E.g., it should include your virtual environment. estela.yaml
token API key to use for deployments. You should not have to configure this setting as it is configured inside ~/.estela.yaml via estela login. ~/.estela.yaml
host The address of the estela application to which you connect. You are prompted for this value when running estela login. If you wish to use a different host, you should first estela logout and then estela login again. ~/.estela.yaml